About us

SCR Recycling is a capital group managed by a French-Polish team. During 15 years of doing business on the Polish market, SCR Recycling has specialized in providing services to printers and companies from paper industry. SCR Recycling has developed a comprehensive and innovative service offer, adequate to the needs of its Partners. In its facilities, has the capacity of collection and recovery of 70 000 tons waste paper per year.

Our activities

SCR Recycling specializes in the collection and recovery of waste paper – it supports printers and prepares raw material for paper mills.

Our values

SCR Recycling is an independent company for which the principal values are:


      of services provided

      of prepared raw material


      strict control of quantities received: SCR Recycling offers installation of vehicle scales at the plants of its suppliers

      update of raw material prices based on quotations on the European paper market

      long-term cooperation based on partnership

      respect for environmental and social standards.



ul. Fiołkowa 34, 05-850 Konotopa, biuro@scr-recykling.pl, +48 22 814 19 78